External compass not recognized

Hello , so when i bought my navio2 and flew my drone, i started havig problems with my compasses it think from interferences, so i decided to install a external compass. So far i tried 3 external compasses, the mlx90393, the seed BMM150 and in the pictures the lsm303d. Each one with the default program it has it works and it is been recognized but ardupilot can’t see it.
Also i tried reinstalling the whole software twice, with the last version.
Please help.
(p.s since the last photo of the drone , i removed the 4g router(the black one) and added a usb 4g one)

Hi Doroftei,

Have you tried to follow this guide from ArduPilot docs on external compass configurations?

May I ask you to check once again if the parameters from this guide coincide with those you set up in MP?

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