Extend time before hot-spot starts

I have an RPi 3B+ acting as an AP. A single power switch supplies power to the RPi and 2 Reach RS+ receivers (bottom port). The Reach RS+ receivers boot faster than the Pi so they start up their hotspots. Is there any way (ReachView/ssh) to change the duration that Reach RS+ trys to connect to a known network before switching to hot-spot mode?

Hi @kylelanman,

I’m afraid, there is no way to extend the duration of Reach connecting to the Wi-Fi state. All I can advise in this case is supplying Reach RS+ with power after RPi is booted.

Is there a way to disable the hot spot entirely? Stopping a service perhaps?

I think my only other option would be to switch my communication medium from wi-fi to RS232.

Hi @kylelanman,

Unfortunately, I can’t advise you anything on this question. We highly don’t recommend making any changes in ReachView software such as disabling Reach hotspot as it may affect Reach’s performance badly and create issues that will be difficult to troubleshoot.

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