Exporting survey data to QGIS, Global mapper etc

Is there a simple way to export survey data or convert the format of the data so it is compatible with QGIS and Global Mapper. I remember it being easier using the old app but now the only export option is a CSV file.


The app exports a definable ASCII file of RTK positions. It’s just a simple text file with the coordinate of the points.

You can then import to GM. I do it a few times a week as control points (GCP marks) rectifying imagery. I do it all the time with GE imagery. A lot of surveyors don’t use GM for whatever reason. It’s got a bunch of cool tools. I’ve got the latest version with the Lidar module. I’ll upgrade when this comes out:

Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your reply. I have just managed to do it. Everything is simple when you know how!
I had problems because I did not remove the first column of data before the coordinate info (XY) GM was returning an error every time. Now it is fine.

Yes, GM is an excellent tool. I have been using it for years for design work.

Thanks for you comments and time.

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Is there a fee involved with GM?

Yes, you have to purchase a licence.

Thanks. Didn’t know if they had a “free” version now or not. I have downloaded and installed a trial version years ago but didn’t want to spend the $$$ on it as I get by with QGIS and my drainage software.

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