Exporting Points from the very useful Survey Tool

I need to be able to download survey data points including the point no. , latitude, longitude,elevation and point description to get into autocad.

DXF export only has the XYZ data - no point numbers or descriptions.

Other great data items to export would be the time stamp of the shot and any point quality or accuracy indicators

Ability to export as text or excel file would be great.

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Thanks for the request. We are planning to start improving the surveying features in a short while. We’ll definitely add the csv export format and improve DXF.


I’d like to echo the “export to csv” request. A csv file with all the data separated would seem to be the simplest path to get the data into the largest number of engineering programs.

For instance, as a civil engineer I’d love to get COGO points directly, but since dxf and shapefiles wont put those directly into Autocad with the information i want, the next best thing is a csv with everything where i can pick and choose and i can import that data into COGO points (just not standard drawing points)…

Thanks Guys. great product so far (im just getting started with my reach)


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