Exporting points fails in ReachView 3

Hi, after recording almost 300 points, when I export the csv (before the menu appear to share the file) the app crash. This happen on Android (when android phone batterie has gone, I continue with an iPhone and I can export it)
Theres is any way to have access to the file ?
Thanks, beside of that, the app is great !

Hi Lucas!

Thanks for the report! I want to ask you for some additional info to investigate the issue:

  • your Android phone model;
  • Android version your phone is running;
  • CRS you were using.

These details will be of great help as it’s hard to handle all flows on the wide variety of Android devices.


Hi !

  • the model of the phone is a Blu Vivo 5r
  • Android version 7.0
  • CRS im using is POSGAR 2007 / Argentina 2 . EPSG:5344
    I reduced the points to export copying manually to the PC, and then with less than 250 points can export the rest of the points. But over 250 points the app always crash.

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the information!

Do I understand correctly that you experienced these issues while working with the v2.23.8 firmware version?

Hi Lucas,

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce the exporting issue. However, we’ve introduced a possible fix to the latest update that might help you with it.

It’d be great if you could update your app and check if the issue persists for you.

Hi, sorry for the delay.
With the update it solved the problem.

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Thanks for the update! Glad to know you don’t face export difficulties any longer.

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