Exporting dxf and csv

I can only export with basic csv. Why can’t I export with dxf (with point labels) and csv (PENZD)?

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This is a good request but what I have found is that each piece of “CAD” software requires its own symbology and construct of a “point”. Programs such as Carlson Civil/Survey, Civil 3D and QGIS have their own proprietary way of encoding the attributes so it typically is just the running of a routing to create points by symbol which in this case is a node. If you explode those points then they return to null value blocks. That said it’s just easier to import the CSV and have the program draw the points the way it wants.

That said I do see the other side though where people are using software not designed for Surveying or Engineering that do not have attributes or databases for points. It would be nice to have the option at least to define a symbol other than a node which looks like a bad pixel on a CAD UI and nearly impossible to locate over large area surveys. The Flow360 interface helps but is not ideal. I exported nodes one time and went right back to the CSV.

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Do you face an error when you export the project in DXF or CSV (PENZD) format? Please share a screenshot of it. Do you see it in Emlid Flow or Emlid Flow 360?

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Do you mean the way the points are displayed in 3rd-party software when you upload a project to it? Isn’t that what you configure directly in the software during the import?

Displayed/Stored. I guess more specifically I can’t create Carlson points and then open that CAD file in Civil 3D and have it recognize those entities as “points”. I would have to create new points from the node/symbol, whereas a CSV works in any of them as long as the column mapping is correct.


Hi Joseph,

How is it going? Just wanted to check if you have seen my previous comment. Do you see an error when you export the project in DXF or CSV (PENZD) format? Can you please share a screenshot of it?

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