Export in more than one coordinate system

Is it possible to export in .csv in more than one coordinate system?

Hi, for now it is only possible to export coordinates in the system you were recording it.
May I ask what system you record with and which one you need out to?

I am in Greece and recording in WGS 84 but I would like also to have my data in local GGRS87

This one ?

If so, you can use Reachview app and get GGRS87 out .

Thank you very much :smile:

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Hi Nikos,

Glad to see the GGRS87 datum matches your needs :slight_smile: Our Greece CS guide can help you set up the base and rover.

To obtain results both in GGRS87 and WGS84, you can transform data in a GIS app such as QGIS after the survey.

Thanks for your reply …
Now the difficult thing is to see if is going to work in DJI Terra…

Hello Ksenia
Is it possible to find somehow the PRJ file for GGRS87/Hepos so I can insert it in DJI Terra software?

Thanks in advance

Hi Nikos,

Our software doesn’t provide PRJ files. Usually, you can download them with the help of GIS apps. However, the GGRS87/Hepos system is not included in the EPSG register. So, most likely, it’s not presented in open apps and services.

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