EXPORT in CSV PENZD did not give the right Name

When i export a project in csv in PENZD format, it gives just a number instead the desired name.
Is this the intention or an error?

That is all you are supposed to get. It stands for point number, Easting, northing, elevation, and description. Name is not in there. I see the same behavior where there is nothing in the description field. That is because I didn’t fill that out. I am guessing that you didn’t either. See the screenshot. If you fill out description, you will get that last field the way that you want it.

Hmmm, perhaps there is a bug or I am missing something here? I just added some descriptions to several points and then re-exported to PENZD and there’s still nothing in the description field. Are these only for codes?

Hi guys,

@Zaz5400 is right – PENZD is a simple format that gives a point number instead of a name. You can still get the names by exporting a regular CSV.

As for the descriptions, our PENZD provides codes only. We’ll think about how to make it more transparent to avoid confusion. Also, we’re considering adding an option to customize the export in the future. It should provide better flexibility.

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