Export geotagged images list using Emlid studio

I’m using Drone data PPK on Emlid studio to geotag my images.
I only use the rover ubx file from M2, so I use the single mode (I just need to match the events.pos to the images).
Now I want to create a locations file (csv format is preferred) that contains the list of images and their locations.
Is there a way to export this list from Emlid studio? or can you recommend another software that reads ubx files and can create this csv file?

Hi Kubar,

Emlid Studio indeed can’t export files with the list of geotagged images. However, we’re ready to add new features based on users’ requests. It would be great if you give us more details about your workflow.

How are you going to use this file containing the list of images with their locations? Why is the .csv format preferred?

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Hi Kirill,

As for now, I am using Ardupilot’s Mission Planner for geotagging and creating a location.csv file.

Now, I have another platform that doesn’t log the camera events, so I want to use the Emlid M2 for it.

But I need to find a way to create this location.csv file because the photogrammetry service I use for mapping expects to get this file.

It would be great if Emlid studio will have this option

Hi Kubar,

Thanks for the details!

Which photogrammetry service do you use? We could try to check the requirements ourselves.

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