Export faults… DXF

I tried exporting two points from my first test with RS2 but there’s problems.

CSV and Shape works well but DXF is exported with the wrong coordinate system it seems.

Hi Andreas,

What coordinates system do you use for your project? And in which one was the DXF exported?

Sweref99 18 00 + RH2000

Just exported the points

I actually suspect that the north and east coordinates are mixed up.


Can you share the data? For example, CSV and DXF. I’ll check what’s wrong.

You can PM me with the files if you don’t want to share them publicly.

With the cvs it’s just that east comes first and then north. In Sweden it’s the other way around.


So are they just in another order, or are they labeled wrong?

Wrong order

Hi Andreas,

I see. We had requests for changing fields order for files export. I have no ETA for now. But I’ll let you know if there is some news as it should help you too.

Hi Andreas,

One additional question, if you wouldn’t mind: what program do you use to open DXF files? AutoCAD or something?

QGis or Topocad



Can you share your project in CSV and DXF formats?

I’ve just rechecked it, and it doesn’t seem to be standard behavior. So, I want to take a closer look. If you wouldn’t mind, please share the files at support@emlid.com.

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