Export dxf (meters/inches)

Pls is it possible in Reachview 3 to set up the units of exported dxf file?
When I do export in *.dxf and then I opened the *. dxf file in Microstation, the drawing has its main units setted up to inches. :frowning:
And we use meters in Slovakia.

Thank you very much in advance.
Peter, Slovakia

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When the project and the coordinate system are configured below there is a window where you must select meters. It is very possible that microstation is misconfigured units


Hi Peter,

You can set the linear units to Meters on the New Project screen, as Luis suggested:

The units can’t be changed, but you can always double-check which ones are chosen in the Project info.

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RV3 doesnt allow me to change Linear units by creating the new job. The are anyway meters.
Also when I colect ponits and during setting out - averyting shows in meters. Tha is ok.

But I am asking if you can help me with exported *. dxf file.

When I open it in Microstation, the drawing has suddenly ( a dont understant why) main units setted to “inches”
I never work with inches and i never changing this setting.
This has someting with code which generate dxf file from RV3?
Or with some seedfile used for generating *. dxf file in RV3 (if there is some)?

Pls can you check this problem?

Many thanks.

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I can confirm this. Using CRS 5514 and Units “meters” in Reachview 3.

After export in DXF is INSUNITS is 1 and should be 6. Tested also with export in cloud.


cat old.dxf | grep -A2 "INSUNIT\|MEASUREMENT"

After I changed it manually Microstation detect it correctly.

cat new2.dxf | grep -A2 "INSUNIT\|MEASUREMENT"

Seems like bug to me.

INSUNITS - 1=Inches, 6=Meters

MEASUREMENT - 0 =Imperial , 1=Metric

Hi @peterx,

I see it now. Thanks for the details! I’ll discuss it with our devs and write back here.

Hi @peterbielys,

I’ll look into the details you and @peterx shared with the team. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Hi guys,

I’ve confirmed that the units in DXF files are inches independently of the project’s units. Still, the exported coordinates are accurate coordinates in meters. So, if you change the units manually, like in @peterx’s example, it will work fine.

I’ve also shared all the details with our developers. They’ll look into how to make it work with the proper units out of the box.

thanks for trying to solve this task.
Please let us know when is in RV3 solved.

Until that time we will do it maualy in PC.
Thank you.


Sure, I’ll write an update here in case of any news.

Pls can sort it out as quik as possible.

It is very hard to use RV3 like this.

Can you just wrute us how many % is done of this repair?


Hi Peter,

I understand that this fix would make your workflow easier. But making it work smoothly for projects with any units requires thorough implementation. That’s why I can’t promise a fast solution. But I’ll be sure to let you know once we have any updates to share.

Hi Peter,

I’m back with news – starting with the Emlid Flow 8.2 update, the system of measurement in DXF files is set depending on the one of a project. So in your case, it should be the metric system now. If you have a chance to try out this update, let us know how it works for you!

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