Export descriptions


is there a solution to export descriptions when exporting points?
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From the Emlid Flow 8.4 version, the descriptions are already available in the dxf

Thanks for your feedback.
I’m on version 8.5 and it doesn’t work

Dxf whit points labels found well

Thanks for your answer, but when I export with “DXF with point labels” I have the point number but not the description :thinking:.

O can SEE it

Hi Urdy,

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To output the descriptions of the points, you can use the usual CSV option for export. But I am curious, how do you want to use the descriptions further? Do you need them for a specific project?

I also wanted to add a note about exporting the data using DXF with point labels. This allows you to export the point codes (not the descriptions). They are recorded to a separate layer, just like Luis showed in a screenshot.

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I wrote network depths in the descriptions and I need to export them but I will use csv export.

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I see. Thanks for the answer!