Export CSV file in 0 KB / No Data

After completing survey, When we are going to export data in Whatsapp/Mail. We found no data. But in Shapefile format, it is working well & no data loss. Why this is happening we don’t know. We are using Emlid Reach 2+ around 5 month but it is first time we faced similar problem.


Thank you for reporting this issue. We’re investigating this with our development team. Does exporting files in the Emlid Flow 360 work for you? You can use it as a workaround for now.


Thank you for your guidelines. Yes, now it is working in Emlid Flow 360.

Yo tengo el mismo problema desde el dia 11 de diciembre, muchas gracias.

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@tapos.25b @ing.jangelesp,

We have released a fix for the export issue. Please reinstall the application and let me know if it will help.

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Now working.
Thank you for the support.

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