Expected Accuracy Based on Distance to Base NTRIP RTCM

For the reach, it is recommended that if you are using NTRIP RTCM correction, the base be within 10 km. ( https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/tutorials/placing-the-base/ ) and the accuracy is 7 mm + 1mm/km. I believe the vertical accuracy is expected at 14mm + 1mm/km. If the caster is greater than 10km away does the accuracy continue to degrade linearly at 1mm/km? So if the needed accuracy was 30mm horizontal, could you theoretically be okay connecting to a caster located up to 23km away?

No, accuracy diminishes exponentially the farther you are from your base.

My question would be is your NTRIP using VRS or single station.

It varies depending on the area I’m in. So the Emlid 1mm/km spec is just an average over 10km then. Good to know. I assume that estimated spec is a based on a FIXED average collection time of 40 seconds (the ReachView default)? All the spec says is < 5 min. Can you compensate for the distance then by increasing the FIXED collection time?

What hardware are you using ?

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