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I am going to use a reach for mapping in a custom build quadcopter, but have to wait a few days for some parts to arrive, and i have to do a photogrammetric survey tomorrow, i want to avoid GCP.

I own a reach and a phantom 4 pro, i was wondering if it was posible develop some way to store events without having a cemera to send the signal (other way), my plan is to mount the reach and antenna in the phantom, corrections via sik radio, and use an IOS device for flight plan, the Pix4D app for IOS can make the P4P to stop for take every picture, so if i could store the event every time the drone stops, i’m pretty sure i could get very good results.

If storing events is not possible (too dificult), i guess i would see the points where the drone stoped, as the reach will be at 14Hz, so in every stop there will be a bigger density of points.

How could i extract auto/semiautomatically averages points of each stop?

You could use trigger cable to create events. Just connect time mark and GND to the trigger cable.

Thankyou @TB_RTK , i actually know tecnically how the reach stores the events, but i am looking for a sugestion on the Phantom Scenario, where i don’t have too much space to play with, and can not carry too much weight (to add some mechanism that connects the cables), i am looking for a internal software/setting solution instead of connecting the cables, i don’t want to open the Phantom.

so if that is not possible, i still have my previous question :


There is no such feature in Reach to average points every stop and I hardly see how this can be accurate. Accuracy of hovering at each stop is limited by Phantom navigational GPS, so not that good. You will be averaging very noisy measurements and average will not be representative of where within the uncertainty radius the picture was taken. Please have a look around the forum, there are whole threads dedicated to Phantom camera sync and at least two companies offering sync solutions.

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Thankyou, i have read all threads related to phantom.

About how could this good… i’m not sure if you know how good the phantom is at hovering even without an rtk system, so… using the Pix4D IOS version the drone stops completely for maybe one second (or less), in this time it takes the picture, if you consider zero (or close zero) speed for one second… lets do some math: 0.1 m/s x 1 sec = 10 cm, this is more than i need, plus, the average of around 14 readings will improve the position.

I’m not used to be skeptical, this is the reason i bought the reach, i guess i will do some test and then will come back with the results. i will have to build a mechanism to join the cables.

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