Events.Pos files - what influences them?

What influences the events.pos file?

For some reason my event file is always only 2kb.

What would be something to check to see why my events are not being logged?

Hi @jcarignan,

events.pos file is a camera event log. It contains a list of accurate coordinates corresponding to each photo made by a camera.

It means there are no timestamps in the file.

Could you please firstly double check if Reach saves time marks? You can do it in ReachView Camera control tab. Just press a button to make a photo on the camera. Event time and date should appear in “Last camera event” field.

Im in the camera control right now,
it shows camera trigger is set to off.

Event38 pre configured everything in the Reach before they sent the drone,
should this be set to on?

I actually think I found the problem!

Ive been using the Raw RINEX log off the Reach,
However I put the UBX file into RTKCONV
and I actually got time stamps!


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