Event file not creating while flying

We are using Phantom4pro 2.0 with Emlid Reach M+ ppk module. We were using the drone from past 2 months. We are able to see event logging when manually capturing photograph. But when we are using pix4d capture for capturing site we are unable to get event position file after post processing. Can you suggest me in this regard?

I guess the event capturing relies on the led signal. Maybe there is no signal when capturing with pic4d? I guess this has nothing to do with Reach.

no we got the images in sd card but didn’t get any event file in RTK LIB. Kindly suggest the Camera settings required for DJI phantom 4 pro v2.0.

Interesting system, how are camera and reach module connected?

it is looking fine, no damages are there. perfectly connected to drone. While clicking manually event is recording. but when we sent drone to flight path in pix4d we are not getting all the events for the all images.

can you post a picture of the drone? where did you buy it? Emlid does not sell them, so I don’t think they can help you

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