EU's GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage

Could you imagine if other (or all!) sat systems went down? Wow, ENTIRE GALILEO??? Not good.

Spoofing? Yeah, that is not good or ethical either. Put in the same boat as what hackers and virii creators cause for society, just does nobody any good but cause grief.


System is “only” in pilot, not production. However it’s still not good at all, reputational or otherwise.

They had appeared to overcome (or at least sideline) their other setbacks including issues with failing onboard atomic clocks and rockets launching birds into wacky/wobbly orbits.

This however is a whole other degree of fudge up…


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Really hope they get up running soon :S My tax-money want something in return :smiley:

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Noticed a lot of sats (or at least the Italian ground control) are back up!

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Following your link from above, most of the sats are now set back to the usable state :smiley:


y2k18.6 bug, was it?

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