Ethernet over USB - Configuration


I managed to connect to my reach unit using ethernet over usb as described in

I am wondering if it is possible to change the usb0 network ip (on the reach module) to something else. And also if it would be possible to configure it to connect to a gateway I have on the other side of the usb cable.

I tried looking for /etc/network/interfaces as I found other guides for Intel Edison. However, it seem that reach is running something slightly different and I was unable to find the relevant file.


I need to change the default usb0 IP since I am trying to connect to a WiFi with a 192.168.2.X IP gateway. If I don’t change the usb0 IP, I can’t connect using WiFi.

I found a way to change the usb0 IP using ‘ifconfig usb0 [newIPaddress]’ but when I restart reach the usb is configured with the old default IP address.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

I have not found the solution to this. Did someone get back to you? I am interested and I have the same need as you do. Cheers John E.

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