Ethernet over JST-GH

Greetings everyone!

Has anyone tried to (or knows if) the M2 can be connected to ethernet over JST-GH? I saw this adapter online: Ethernet adapter RJ45 to JST-GH and thought it could be a great solution, freeing up the USB port for power and not worrying about the OTG dongles and instead relying on the JST-GH connectors.

I’ve searched the forums, but didn’t find any hits, but am very curious to know if anyone has had any luck with such things.


Hi Matthew,

It’s hardly possible to use the JST-GH ports of Reach M2 for connection over Ethernet. However, it should be possible to work with the USB-to-Ethernet adapter. We don’t support this hardware integration directly but some time ago we tested M2 with TP-Link UE200 and it worked.

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