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Me and a colleague have just been doing the start-up with my new EMLID Reach unit. Everything ran smoothly - we were able to follow all of the start-up instructions, get everything updated, and then to see coordinates on the Reach app.

We then powered this unit down, and repeated the exercise with a second unit. Again, all good! However, we then decided to double check the first unit: we powered it up, but its network start-up sequence only got as far as an alternating green and blue LED, and we couldn’t connect to it’s WiFi network. On trying the second unit again, everything seemed fine.

Could you give me some advice as to what might be happening with the first Reach unit please, and how to help it reach a “green light network”? I’m very new to this community so I don’t know if this is a rather simple question.

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As I understand it, you connected 1st Reach unit to your Wi-Fi network during the initial setup. If that was so, the Reach unit had connected to specified network after you powered it up again – in that case Reach hotspot is disabled. Also, LED was showing “Client Wi-Fi mode” state, as you described.

You should try to find Reach units on your Wi-Fi network. You can do it using our mobile apps (for Android and iOS) or using this guide.

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