Esri Collector does not display accuracy

When using the RS2 streaming position data via Bluetooth to the Esri Collector and Fieldmap apps the accuracy displayed is fixed. Even when taking averaged measurements Collector just averages the identical accuracy. Ideally, Reachview could act as a mock location provider to get around this. The displayed accuracy is only the unit accuracy and therefore has no real purpose.

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Could you please tell us a bit more about what exactly wrong with the displayed accuracy?

The displayed accuracy was fixed at exactly the same accuracy (down to at least 6 decimal places on Esri Collector when using the RS2 as the location provider. This remained the case even without fix. it was suggested by a retailer that only the unit accuracy was being transmitted to the Esri Collector app, not the true® accuracy that takes into account ppm and satellite geometry and would be constantly changing.

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Have you checked whether those values were changing in the ReachView app? The accuracy shown in ReachView updates accordingly to the obtained solution.

The estimation in ReachView is shown with RMS values. The RMS is calculated from the error computed relative to a continuously updated average position at the Survey point. It means that the value can vary depending on the environmental conditions. The conditions regulate how many satellites the receiver can see and their proximity at the moment.

We can hardly be of help with third-party software configuration. However, we can check if the accuracy of the position changes correctly in the ReachView app.

Yes Reachview was working fine. For our mapping purposes we prefer the third party app. It would seem it is how the accuracy is sent as RMS is why the third party app doesn’t update accuracy. Easiest solution long term would probably allow the Reachview to act as a mock location provider on android devices.

In hindsight the values only came up after taking the measurement on Reachview (we haven’t been testing the Emlid for many weeks now).

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Reach receivers can be configured to transmit their coordinates in real-time to Android devices. You can check this guide that explains how to set up a mock location feature on an Android device and use Reach with 3-rd party apps.

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