ESC semi-automatic calibration with mission planner Navio 2



  • Plugged in battery, provides power to navio 2 through power module
  • Connected navio2 to mission planner through udp
  • pressed ESC calibration button on mission planner, mandatory hardware --> esc calibration. Navio2 RGB LED stays in blue green red sequence, should do something else
  • unplugged battery as instructed
  • then reconnected battery and ESC beeping sequence is not same as before when it was working
  • Upon trying motor test through additional hardware --> motor test on mission planner, mutiple escs beep which shouldn’t happen as only 1 motor being tested.

Note: I had this working before, but not sure if it is definitely due to FrSky X7 transmitter not being connected. I’m not using “all-at-once” calibration so shouldn’t have much issue.


  • Navio 2
  • Turnigy MultiStar 20A BLHeli-S Rev16 V3 ESC 2~4S

Hi @harryhancock,

There’s an issue with ESC calibration that happens after you perform the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade command. We’re trying to resolve this now.

At the moment, please reflash your SD card and don’t perform the upgrade. We’ll let you know once the issue is fixed.

Hi @harryhancock,

We’ve just updated the kernel version that should resolve the issues with the ESC calibration. To upgrade, please run the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade commands.

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