ESC placing, Noise mitigation

Hello everybody,

I’m building a 680mm frame hexacopter for hobby . I like clean layouts and trying to avoiding mess of wires and components. But, first of all, I’ll folow the best practice in terms of technical recommendations.

At this time, I have to decided where to placing ESCs. I noticed some setups the people place ESCs near/bellow motors. Others place ESC’s at the main plate.

Looking for mitigation of noise, is there a better place to put the ESCs? If the ESC’s were placed bellow the motors, the wires from ESC to battery would be longer. If the ESC’s were placed in main plate, the wires from ESC to motors would be longer.

Where the eletrical noise could be more agressive to FC components?
What do you guys would reccomend to place ESCs?

Or isnt this a relevant thing (ESCs wires noise)?

Hi @giliardi,

We recommend placing the ESCs near the motors according to our guide. However, there are no strict requirements on that as it really depends on the setup.

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