ESC calibration with EDGE

Hi, I have hexa with edge controler and Dualsky HD motors with ESC PCU60.
I use QGC. Edge is probably ready for start motors, wifi and RC connections working, radio and sensors is calibrated.
But when i connect motors, ESCs starts fast beeping and motors a little pulsing.

When I connect ESC only to receiver motor is work normaly.

Please help me. Where is a problem?

Hi Michal,

Have you gone through ESCs calibration process?

thank to a link. ESCs is now beep only one after power on.

I have one more question. How is motors positons? Because when I try motor setup and turn motor “A” in QGC, starts motor in PPM 5.

My now configuration is 1 front right, 2 front left, 3 left, 4 rear left, 5 rear right, 6 right.

Hi Michal,

Here you can find motor order diagrams for hexa.


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