ESC Calibration hanging


  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3.
  • Image version: Linux navio 4.19.83-emlid-v7+
  • ArduPilot version: 3.6.11

The problem:
I’m currently trying to setup my first navio2 drone so I’m by no means experienced with the technology. Currently I’m trying to calibrate the ESCs after I performed all previous steps in the setup using Mission Planner. Unforntunately for some reason I am unable to calibrate the ESCs. When I click the calibrate button nothing happens, the following are the steps I have taken in this stage:
1. Set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 4 as I’m using Dshot ESCs
2. Started ESC calibration process
3. Disconnected Battery
4. Turned on transmitter and pushed the throttle to full
5. Re-connected battery
6. ESCs do an inital 1 2 3 beep
7. Calibration button remains depressed and I can’t cancel it without closing Mission Planner

The following are the ESCs I’m using:

I haven’t done any flashing to these as I’ve assumed that they already have the firmware flashed (this might be where I’m going wrong). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My connections:

Calibration for dShot esc work with passthrough on some hardware and with some software…

I have a small betaflight dshot compatible card at home and I use it for calibrating (BLHeli suite for windows).

From factory, Dshot ESC are calibrated in the 1050-1950 range.

With classic esc, Mission planner automatic calibration button work with Navio.

Hi Marc,

So should I be using somthing like the bheli configurator. I’ve got a usb male to male cable coming today so I can connect the Navio to my Windows machine. Then should I just manually configure the ESCs?

I do not think it work like that with Navio.

As I wrote, dShot esc is calibrated in factory. So no need to redo it unless you want to pinpoint the PWM in the 1000-2000 range. You must follow BLHeli wiki to do that (if you really do?).

Okay, I’ll proceed as is and let you know how I get on, if all things go well I’ll close the thread. Fingers crossed!

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