ESC Calibration Confusion in Documentation

The ESC calibration step needs a local document. The Ardupilot instructions cover other controllers, but following that set of steps leads to either no calibration, or reversed throttle (sometimes, don’t know why. After a dozen attampts, I am pretty sure I am following the instructions to the letter. Can anyone share the correct order of things to calibrate ESCs?


Hi John Cabrer
Make sure that your radio not transmitting reverse signal and RC3_REV parameter is 1.
Next, read this post please.
Thank you.

I am sure you are right about RC3_REV being set wrong, but when I search for the RC parameters in Mission Planner, nothing shows up. Comparing screenshots to what I actually see in Mission Planner, only Standard Parameters are listed. I must be running in some kind of “Easy Mode”. Any ideas?

This photo should help you:

Thanks for that!

I checked that command RC3_REV = 1, and my transmitter is not reversed. In case it matters, the transmitter is a Futaba T8FG Super.

In following the steps outlined in the post, I don’t even get to the part where the LED color cycles. Here is what happens:

  1. Everything is off.
  2. Power on the Transmitter, and push the throttle to maximum.
  3. Plug in the battery to the drone, to power up the Navio2.
  4. 10 beeps, followed by an ascending arpeggio of tones, followed by silence.
  5. LED blinks yellow/green
    6 Unplug batterry. Wait. Plug in battery.
  6. 10 beeps, followed by ascending tones, followed by silence.

At step 5 I am already aware that I am not in ESC cal mode.

Had you calibrated the radio in the Mission planner?
When you are moving the throttle stick you have to see the changes on the throttle bar.

I have calibrated all other things. Yes, the throttle does move, although to be honest, I don’t recall if it moves opposite the stick, or with it. If I am not mistaken, it should be moving opposite my stick since RC3-REV = 1. Is that right? I can check that out.

I will have some time tonight, so I will make a troubleshooting video to illustrate what is happening.

OK, so for future travelers using a Futaba T8FG Super, you will need to reverse throttle on the transmitter AND RC3_REV = 1.

I have no idea why this should be the case, but sure enough, when I ran the radio calibration, I could see that the throttle was reversed, so I checked the transmitter setting, and channel 3 was set to NORMAL. After I changed it to REVERSED, everything ran as expected. First time! Thanks all for the help.