Errors during boot No SSH connection

The errors in the picture below are now coming up when navio+ boots up.
They didn’t used to be there when it was working fine.
Everything else seems to boot up correctly, but it never shows up on my network. (main interface via SSH)
I am using the same wifi dongle and network as when it connected like it was supposed to.
Could this error be causing any of my problems?
And the same error occurs after I format, re-image, and edit the SD card

  1. Error opening /dev/input/event - Raspberry Pi checks if the shift key is held down during the boot to load the safe parameters for clocks. As there is no keyboard it displays that error. It can be ignored.
  2. Switching to ondemand governor error - the only governor in the system is performance as we don’t want clocks to jump because this affects timings in RT system. Also can be ignored.
  3. cgroups warning - cgroups feature not enabled. Can be ignored too.

This errors\warnings do not affect networking.
Please try to ifup\ifdown network manually and see if it outputs any errors.