Error with native build installation

I’m trying to install PX4 on the Navio2 board, I’m having some issues with the native build. Right after cloning the firmware by git clone --recursive command I get in the PX4-Autopilot directory by cd PX4-Autopilot but I can’t run make emlid_navio2_native command and getting this error message: Makefile:498: *** “Make target not found. It either does not exist or target cannot be the first argument. Use ‘make help|list_config_targets’ to get a list of all possible [configuration] targets.”. Stop. . If I try make -f emlid_navio2_native I get this error message make: *** No rule to make target ‘emlid_navio2_native’. Stop . Here is the PX4 for Navio2 guide link:

What should I do?

Hi @kystix,

We don’t officially support PX4 firmware for Navio2, so we can hardly be of much help with questions regarding it. Instead, I’d suggest reaching out to the PX4 github/forum with this question.

It is also possible someone from our users experienced in PX4 will chime in.

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