Error message while flying with a 3DR external compass


I have had the following message printed today while I was flying a copter with APM 3.4.3 with a Raspberry3/navio2 config and with a 3DR external magnetometer (only magnetometer, not GPS) integrated on board:

perf_begin() called twice on perf_counter_t(EK2_Test2)

I was able to land the drone in LOITER mode, and it didn’t seem to have any instability, but I decided to stop flying for precaution. Has anyone had this error message?



I saw you file a bug report on Github. That’s awesome. Thanks for doing that!

I personally have never seen a message like this but I don’t believe it’s a serious issue as perf_begin() is mocked out on a production build. Even though, it’s an issue that should be fixed, it can be ignored in this specific case.

It was fixed with this commit. It’ll make its way in the next AC release. Thanks for the report, @Nacho_Carnicero!