Error in RINEX INTERVAL files?

I have a question, my recording starts at UTC time 22:32:57 but when using RTKCONV and setting INTERVAL (30s) I see that the Obs. It starts at 22:55:30. Is it normal? I already changed the configuration and the same thing keeps happening to me, after the time 22:55:30 the interval is correct. (images attached). Thank yo


Hi @sosafrancotri,

That behavior is not normal. In your case, the converted RINEX file should have the start time rounded up to the nearest 30 seconds. I also tried to replicate the issue but couldn’t.

I noticed that the input file format was set to Auto. Please try changing the format to u-blox UBX (as in the image below), and try again. In this way, RTKLIB will automatically extract the start time for you, so you don’t need to manually specify it when converting to RINEX.

As an alternative, you can also use Emlid Studio to convert the ubx file to RINEX.

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