Error in PPK by WingtraHub

Dear Supporter, I meet a problem about base file(a) in WingtraHub. The RINEX (contains: o, n, b,) file that I got from Base, will added into wingtraHub ( In PPK processing). But the result is Error as : (There was an error when converting the RINEX base files. Please try processing with just the observation file.). any advice for this issue? Noted: base (RS2), wingtra.Thanks

Hi @chiensothearath2luma,

Sorry for the silence here and welcome to our forum!

It’s a known issue, and we tried to troubleshoot it with the Wingtra team. We assume that rounding seconds should help to post-process logs in WingtraHub. You can round time in Emlid Studio, Convert to Rinex mode. But note that this will work only for conversion of raw UBX file to RINEX.

@anna.moloko Re: Error in PPK by WingtraHub

Do we still need to use Emlid Studio to round time? I am discussing use of an RS2 as a base with someone flying Wingtra UAV’s.

Hi @alistair,

Since WingtraHub software goes only with a drone, we haven’t had a chance to work with it. We know there may be some issues, but we have an assumption that rounding can help, and it can be done in Emlid Studio. If you have a possibility to test it, it would be great to know the results.

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