Error downloading log

I log base rinex with the RS2 most days, I have just gone to download a log from yesterday and getting the message

“message”: “Failed to download log file /home/root/logs/”,
“reason”: “server_error”,
“type”: “logger_error”

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi @hairyape1,
Welcome back to our community!
Is it possible you turned off the unit while it was still logging? Please send us the full system report of your Reach. We’ll look for a trace of your log file!

Thanks Zoltan, I dont think the unit was turned off whilst still recording. From memory recording was stopped and then the unit was turned off. But maybe it was turned off too soon or maybe it didnt stop recording properly?
Have sent the report in by email.

We got your report. Thank you! An early shutdown could be a possible cause, but we will investigate your report.

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