Error: ardupilot.service

Navio2 + Rpi 3 B with arducopter-quad selected
Kernel 4.4.36-a7765e7-emlid-v7+
emlidtool version 1.0.3

$ uname -a
Linux navio2Pi 4.4.36-a7765e7-emlid-v7+ #41 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 20 18:48:32 MSK 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

Mavros nodes runs but no details was published in the topics: echo topic will post nothing.
so I did:

$ systemctl status ardupilot.service
● ardupilot.service - ArduPilot for Linux
Loaded: error (Reason: Invalid argument)
Active: inactive (dead)

My arducopter file w/ is my IP for ground station:

Default settings for ArduPilot for Linux.

The file is sourced by systemd from arducopter.service

TELEM1="-A udp:"
#TELEM2="-C /dev/ttyAMA0"

Options to pass to ArduPilot



Could you please tell us more details? What exactly you’re trying to achieve?

You should use systemctl status arducopter to see if ArduCopter has been launched.

I read the docs again and I think the problem is that the instructions refer to ardupilot instead of arducopter, arduplane or ardurover.

Running ardupilot
Let’s run ArduPilot in another pane as stated in here pointing telemetry to by modifying /etc/default/ardupilot:

sudo nano /etc/default/ardupilot

Then type:

pi@navio: ~ $ sudo systemctl start ardupilot
This command launches ArduPilot (one-shot. sudo systemctl enable ardupilot to make it persistent). You’ll see your LED blinking.

In case you make changes in ardupilot while it’s working, you should then restart:

pi@navio: ~ $ sudo systemctl restart ardupilot
Continue watching the tutorial for this step.

Thanks for the response. That worked. Thanks!

Sorry to bother again, it is not working again. This happened after I enabled raspberry pi camera as /dev/video0 using $ sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2 # to load it and create /dev/video0
then when I try running emlidtool or start arducopter it will not work.

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