Equipo emlid rs+ al calentar se apaga

hola buenas tardes tengo un problema grande con los equipos emlid RS+ resulta que cuando estoy trabajando bajo el sol este se calienta y se apaga que solucion existe al respecto, o sera que perdi la plata al comprar estos equipos?

“Hello, good afternoon, I have a big problem with the Emlid RS+ equipment. It turns out that when I am working under the sun, it heats up and turns off. What solution is there for this, or was it that I lost money by buying this equipment?”

What is the average high temp in your working region?

To get ahead of things, email support@emlid.com your Full System Report and screen shots of temperature reading before it shuts down.

Hopefully Emlid steps in to help.

Operating temperature -20 °C to +65 °C