[Engineer] Build a drone


I am trying to build a drone right now.
But the problem is my motors’ lines are too long, so I want to shorten the lines of my motors do you have any idea?
Also, I think I need to solder those red and black wires to the power distribution… Is that right?
I am using zip ties to connect the components of the drone to the frame.

According to Typical Setup and Scheme Doc, on quadcopter scheme, why is there no power distributor?

Dear Andy,

please excuse, but if you have no idea what you are doing (which seems to be obviously according to your question) don’t build a thing flying around in the air. Think about the consequences for others and yourself if that thing will hit a child in his face or only hit a car. No insurance will cover that and the child and you will be affected by it for the rest of his and your life.

If you want to do it anyway I would recommend you to join a local modell making club and get some help.

Act responsible and have fun,

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We are working on middle school science fair project. Like what you mentioned, I am worrying about those accidents which might happen to people and property. Therefore, I am going to launch this drone in our sight at school yard, where is pretty peaceful area that we can launch our drone. Also, actually I do not know what I am doing right now, but if you tell me how to set up the drone I would be able to launch this drone without any accident. I think


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Hi Andy,

that is great, now I understand. Are you having a teacher to help you?

I think first you should learn the basic setup of a multicopter, which parts belong to it and how are they connected. And how is the flight computer working and controlling the motors.


I did shorten the motor cables and solder them directly on the ESC. I’m familiar with soldering which is a demanding task. The important think is that the position of the three wires determines the direction in which the motor is turning. Therefore I did first identify where to connect which cable and then I did solder it permanently. If the motor turns in the wrong direction the copter will flip irratically.

I did connect the red wire of the ESC to the red wire of the batterie connector and the black wire to the black. I also did for one copter use a powerdistriubtion board but I will not use it for my current biuld.

I also use zip ties.

Some guides:

Of course you are responsible youreself when following any of my descriptions. I recommend you to get support by someone who is qualified to help you.



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