Ended with random error messages by disconnecting telemetry

Just to share some interesting info on troubleshooting my Navio 2
It has been several months I am encountering random error messages like “Pos. Vert Variance” / “Bad AHRS” / “Bad baro health” / “bad compass health” / no 3D FIX etc.
Every flight was generating a new error message and my APM was behaving in a very unpredictable manner.

I finally found out that by disconnecting my 3DR Telemetry my APM was finally working just great.
The issue is coming back everytime I plug it through USB or UART (same immediate effect…)
I wonder if this would be coming from EMI … Nevertheless I shielded my Navio 2 case with copper plate and this had no effect on this issue.
Can someone tell me what I can do against this?
I will try 4G broadcasting / VPN instead for telemetry and video streaming. Are there some standard installs? I would like to pick some simple and robust set-up if any.

If someone could have adviced it to me I would have won easily 1 month troubleshooting (I can only fly short times during week end… )

So, maybe a new troubleshoot to be tried if ever you encounter difficulties arming your Navio

Thanks for the community for the positive feedbacks to all my questions in my previous message :slight_smile:


Maybe the problem is in the radio itself? have you tried a different one?

Unfortunately I only have 1 pair of 433 Mhz telemetry
I use the 500mW model, this might be too powerful and EMI disturbing
Here is the link in hobbyking http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_76950__HKPilot_500mW_Transceiver_Telemetry_Radio_Set_V2_433Mhz.html

I strongly advice not to combine with Navio ! Or maybe someone can tell the opposite and it must be a single case issue…

You can try to reduce the TX power through the 3drradio config screen in missionplanner.

Hello Sebastian, thanks for the advice.
I must be somehow blind because I didn’t find any config screen of this kind in mission planner.
Where is it supposed to be? “initial setup” or “config/tuning”. I lookg into all basic/standard/advanced parameters but I must have missed something.

thanks for the advice, I’ll let you know if this is solving the issue

It should be under “Initial Setup”, “Optional Hardware”. Something like “SiK Radio”.

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ok great I found it and divided the TX power by 2 (down to 11 instead of 20)
It seems to work better now, let’s see the performance in the field.
Thanks Sebastian, always there when needed!