Emulating Raspberry PI - Bash Scripts :)

Ehi Folks!

Finally I’m starting to put the hands on the new Navio :wink:

Since I love emulators and the possibility to cross compile code, before to look
at acceleration measurements and magnetometers problem, I started with emulating
the Raspberry on my Ubuntu. The resulting solution is proposed in terms of few
bash scripts you can download and test. The entire article is available through
my blog:

calabrothers.com blog

I hope you find this contribution valuable :wink:


Hello Vincenzo,
The scripts seem quite handy, thanks!:wink:

Ehi Mikhail!

one minor thing I discovered during my tests…

Since the Navio SD Image runs a dedicated kernel (made by your team), there will be problems in loading the kernel modules from the emulator.

A possible workaround is to actually release an image of the kernel compatible with the QEMU.
This can be done by following:


It will be amazing if you can release such missing part. It will be a fully emulated Navio release :slight_smile:

Hope you can find time to fix this,

best regards,


Unfortunately the navio team cannot release a qemu kernel, so i’m trying to make it in the available spare time. One of the most critical problems of usinf existing kernel-qemu is that the kernel modules are no available. Then it will be impossible for example to load the fuse filesystem (sshfs) or other functionalities.

I’ll try to release both kernel image and modules suitable for the qemu and i’ll appreciate of the navip team could “at least” send me the .config file (that is not available in /usr/src so I may recompile the kernel with the same options.

Hoping that you will accommodate such simple request :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you the config by email.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciated it!
I’ll send you soon the link to download, kernel and modules to emulate the distribution with QEMU.

Hey did you ever end up compiling the kernel for qemu?

Is there any way you could make that config public? Or is there some things you don’t want to share?

@Jesse_Millwood it was sent over email for convenience. There is nothing hidden - anyone can grab that config from a running kernel.

Ah gotcha. Thank you. I’m new to Qemu and getting into kernel land