Emlidtool not found

Hi everybody, i am a newbie. I am using Navio2 for autopilot my plane.

I installed firmware for raspberry pi2 and connect to it with putty (i am using Win10)

I have updated firmware with both sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command

But when i try to use emlidtool with this command: sudo emlidtool, it shows me the error that:

command emlidtool not found

i can’t find any solution on the internet yet. Please help me!!!

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and if you write sudo emlidtool ardupilot

Hi there!

Could you please post the output of cat /boot/issue.txt?

Would be interesting to see the output from echo $PATH
If the path-env is correct it would look like something:

As far as I know emlidtool is located at /usr/local/bin/emlidtool

I had the same problem with emlidtool not found after a distribution upgrade. I ended up solving it by reinstalling it with “sudo pip3 install emlidtool”


This is still occurring.

During the update/upgrade it asks if its OK to uninstall the existing emlidtool 1.0.0. Once that is done it tries to install the newer version and you get an ironic red text warning that ‘required emlidtool cannot be found, required for uninstall’. Update continues but anytime it gets to anything related to emlidtool you get more red text and when complete you have no more emlidtool.

I’m no linux expert but it seems like a tweak needs to be made to the order of things so that it isn’t uninstalled first and then failing when it tries to uninstall a second time.

Also if I try the above posted solution of ‘sudo pip3 install emlidtool’ I get the following error response.

Could not find a version that satisfies the required emlidtool (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for emlidtool

Thank you guys for reporting. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

i had same issue, and this fixed it for me like Chris said “sudo pip3 install emlidtool”

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That does not fix it for me, the error I get using that command is posted above.

For now I have just reformatted and started fresh and prevented emlidtool from being allowed to upgrade before running the apt-get dist-upgrade. So my emlidtool is stuck at 1.0.0 until someone can find a solution.

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