Emlid Workflow Questions

I just got the Emlid Survey Kit and have a few questions about the workflow overall. Thank you in advance!

What are the benefits of the new reach RS2 versus the existing model? Is it worth pre-ordering yet?

How do we use the reach survey kit on a large property do we keep the base in one area or do we have to move it around so it’s closer to the rover?

How does the reach system know where it is on the property? For example how would we go to our property line and know exactly where that is to stake it out assuming we already have an existing survey and data that we could use to reference?

How do we import an existing survey into this so we can go to the points that are referenced in the survey exactly?

How do you calibrate the height properly and accurately?

What would be the best way to capture and mark things such as sprinklers, valves, drainage pipes, and utility services such as gas or electric on the property so we could understand the exact location depth under ground?

How can we interface the data from the Emlid reach with our 3-D drone scanning data such is the point clouds and everything else that comes from DroneDeploy.com?

Faster and more reliable fix in tough conditions. Longer baseline and resolves more accurate absolute position in areas without refrence points.

If your survey area is with 10km from base you keep it in one spot. If not you need to have more then one or move the ones you have to obtain the accuracy.

Reach doesnt know, you need to import coordinates of your property to your Reach unit first. There are some greate tips here Introduction | Reach RS/RS+

Could you elaborate this?

Survey in RTK or post and save your coordinates in your local coordinate system. Your country most likely have guidelines how to preserve data about installations and contructions. Each is different from one country to the next.

Under the doc section you should find good information about the features of Reach and what data is available. https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs/common/reachview/position-output/

Hope this helps


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