Emlid Wifi connection

Hi Ksenniia,

Unfortunately, yesterday we had a very frustating day in the field with the Emlid. It was almost impossible to connect with it using our devices (All android, but different kinds).
Is there any news or solution that makes the connection more reliable?

When connected to the EMLID hotspot, the IP address is detected in Flow app, but when trying to make a connection to the receiver it fails.
Also, sometimes the phones just won’t connect to the hotspot wifi network at all.
I understand it is a difficult issue for you to troubleshoot, because also for us there are also days without any connection issues.

If there is anything we can do to help you resolve the issue, please let me know.

Kind regards,

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Make sure the hotspot that you are using is in 2.4gHz versus 5. Also, is this a VRS rover-only setup, PPP setup, base/rover RTK/PPK, etc.? Make sure that you aren’t connecting to the RS2 hotspot with more than one device at a time.


I too have been experiencing these frustrating events - (approximately) since the version 30 firmware updates

Hi Sean,

Do I understand correctly that there was a SIM card in Reach in all these cases? I’ve asked our devs if there’s something that can help find a solution faster for cases when the hotspot becomes unstable with SIM inserted. They’re looking into the options right now. In case any additional tests would be helpful, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thank you!

Not for me.
I have never employed inserting a SIM card in Reach receiver.
I create a hotspot on my phone, then connect to the receiver via my tablet which I also link to the internet from the mobile phone hotspot.


Yes, the issue seems SIM-card related. If I take out the SIM the connection is more stable. Adrian’s solution is what we do now as well, but is not ideal, because we need to bring extra devices to connect to the Emlid and provide NTRIP corrections.

Hi Adrian,

From your description, it looks like these issues are not related. I’d recommend checking if the same behavior appears with other Wi-Fi networks and when connected directly to the Reach hotspot. If you use an Android mobile device, turning off Battery optimization and mobile data before the connection can also help.

If it doesn’t work for you, please reach out to us in another thread or via support@emlid.com. It’ll help keep the investigation of different issues separate so that nobody gets confused.

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Hi Sean,

Thank you for the confirmation! Please check your PMs. I’ve reached out to you there because to get further, we’ll need some sensitive data.