Emlid TuffWing P4P Success

I would like to share with you all the amazing workflow that the Tuffwing Emlid Reach M+ on our Phantom 4 Pro v1 has enabled us.

  1. Crosswinds Phase 2 - Subdivision

  2. Austin, Texas general contractor working in Kyle, Texas.

  3. Bi-Weekly progress mapping, oblique photos, 360 panos and videos.

  4. DJI Phantom 4 Pro v1, Emlid Reach RS+ base station and Reach M+ mobile rover, DroneDeploy

  5. We came into a situation that because of the unforeseen extra depth in water detention ponds to be filled and moisture conditioning required for lot fill we were coming up tremendously short on materials for those fills. The drone preconstruction survey eluded to the fact that we had a deviation of 14,000cy from what the land elevations were that were supplied to us and what they actually were per the benchmarks in the construction plans. After 6 months we were even more aware that we were going to be short on dirt, flew the drone and realized that the quantity had grown to 18,000cy because of extra quantities need to fill the ponds and loss due to shrinkage in compaction. We are now to the point that we are out of material and still need 22,000cy. I flew the drone over a potential borrow area, created the 3D model, designed a proposed model of conditions post-borrow and presented the team and owners a solution to make up the gap without altering the drainage of the terrain. The quantity was so large that I was a little apprehensive on releasing that data to the team so I had my surveyors ground topo the areas and our results were within 1% of each other. I also checked their spot grades against the surface that was created from the drone data and we were in a tolerance of +/- 2.5" so I am now clearly confident with the data I am receiving from the drone from here on. The model that was created from the drone content was perfected in Carlson Precision 3D Topo and loaded into GPS-controlled excavators and bulldozers. The site was 120ac and I used 3 GCP’s in addition to the Emlid GPS setup.


Thanks for sharing, @michaelL!
It’s nice to see that Tuffwing integration of DJI and M + works together as you expected.

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