Emlid Survey Pole with a Phone Mount

Today we are happy to introduce a new version of the Emlid survey pole! It’s equipped with a handy mount for a smartphone or control device to help you do the job with less effort.

Ease your work on site

The new survey pole has an adjustable phone mount. With a width of 63–93 mm (2.48–3.66 in), it fits most devices. You can fix your phone with ReachView 3 in a mount and control your GNSS settings and measure or stake out points using the app with one hand.

The phone mount is set up on your survey pole just once, as you don’t need to remove it. Fold it when the work is done, and put the pole into the carrying bag.

Take it wherever you go

Like the previous version, the new survey pole features a lightweight and compact construction. The foldable pole has a length of 0.74–1.8 m (29.13–70.87 in) and weighs just 900 g (1.98 lb). You can easily take it with you to any survey site. Evenly distributed weight ensures that you can carry your pole with a receiver attached without worrying about dropping it.

The aluminum pole delivers reliable stability with the help of solid flip locks and has a maximum payload of 10 kg (22.05 lb). The pole is compatible with Reach RS2 / RS2+ / RX receivers. The industry-standard 5/8" thread provides compatibility with geodesic equipment.

Order your survey pole for $299

The survey pole with a phone mount comes with a carrying bag and a replaceable metal tip. It’s already available on the Emlid online store for $299. You can also buy the new survey pole from any local dealer in your country—check the dealers’ list on our site.


Is it the same telescoping pole? Can we get just the mount?

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I just ordered a tablet mount for mine. I used the 12 in iPad so I can see it without needing glasses.


I hear you! I use an 11" iPad Pro so I can just about see it without my glasses!


Has the pole without the phone holder been removed from the store?


Hi guys,

At the moment, we have the new survey pole with the mount in the store, but don’t have the mount sold separately. Still, I see your questions, and it shows the demand. So, I’ll discuss it with the team. If we have any news regarding this, I’ll get back to this thread.


I just wanted to chime in also. I bought the survey pole prior to the phone mount and would definitely be interested in buying a phone mount add-on. I suppose I could buy a third party one, but it would be nice to have the Emlid one.

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Emlid listened, and it will soon be available in March according to their website:

Available in early March

The Emlid Smartphone Mount is compatible with all versions of the Emlid Survey Pole. Fits most control devices. $99.00

Package includes

— 1 x Smartphone Mount with a bubble
— 2 x Replaceable foam sticker

Emlid is not responsible for the compatibility of the Smartphone Mount with any other poles other than Emlid-branded.

## Shipping to other countries

Visit Global Emlid Store to order
outside the US


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