Emlid Support Team not responding

Has anyone else had issues with getting support from Emlid? After several attempts and a couple weeks, I can’t not even get a reply.

No issue at all.

Did you post your issue here? I did and one of the Emlid team members made it a private conversation which then got my issue with an M2 resolved. I thought they were timely with having to ship a replacement from China.

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I’ve got responses on all my support requests, sometimes it took a little longer (weeks), but these were questions about unsupported features :slight_smile:.
The follow-up of real problem-Issues was good/acceptable


Hi Travis,

I am sorry for the delayed response to your emails. The response time of our support is usually within 24 hours, but at this moment we’ve experienced a higher number of requests to our team that is why it took more time to contact you.

I had a problem with an RS2; they treated me excellently

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The team at Emlid was slow at first but I am happy to say they did respond and resolved my issue relatively quickly one we got communication going. Thank you.

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