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Hi all, I have my 2x RS2 and M2, all set up and working.
However, I am a little stumped with the workflow within Emlid Studio.
I can PPK the M2 and RS2 Rover, against my local RS2 Base. All good.

However, I am unable to work out how to PPK my RS2 Base against our local NTRIP service. (PPK as no 4G services to use NTRIP RTK in our area)
Well actually I can, and it works, Base data from local NTRIP station and Rover data from my local RS2. However, what next?
The process generates a .POS and _events.POS. BUT… how do I then PPK my rovers (RS2 and M2) against the corrected (Local Base RS2)??
You can’t use the corrected.POS files from my Base!!!

I’m lost here, any help is most appreciated.


Hi Anthony,

You’re thinking in the right way. To get your local base position in PPK, you indeed need to upload logs from the NTRIP service as base logs and logs from your Reach RS2 base as rover logs.

Then you need to set processing mode as Static and choose Single as a solution type. So, as a result of the processing, you’ll get a POS file with the coordinates of a single point - your Reach RS2 base.

Once you get your local base coordinates, you’ll be able to use them for PPK with the rovers.

I understand that this workflow is not an obvious thing. So I just want to thank you for drawing our attention to it. We’ll think about how to make it clearer in our docs.

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