Emlid Studio Processing Failure

I am new to Emlid Studio and PPK processing for drone mapping data. I have found a few tutorial videos for Studio, but they are all for beta versions. Does anyone have a video tutorial or outline of the processing procedures for version 1.3?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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What failure did you encounter?

Hi @intrepiddronesolutio,

It’d be indeed great to know what kind of failure you encountered. The more info we get, the faster we will find a solution.

On a separate note, I don’t think there would be a big difference in procedures for the beta and for the current 1.3 version, even though Emlid Studio came out of beta long ago. If you want to get the latest up-to-date info, you can check out the text guides in our docs:

The failure: I was able to process thru to a corrected csv file using Stop & Go, but now I am trying to do the Drone data processing. In the drone file box, I have tried using both the M2 Rover log and the PPK file log. I used the RINEX file for the base. I do not have an MRK file, so that box is left unchecked. Maybe that is the problem, but the info note says it is not necessary if I used the M2 rover. After I click on process, it seems to go through the processing sequence but no results are displayed on the screen. Then I click on the folder with photos for the next step, and I receive an error message in red text stating “Must contain 0 photos”. I do not know what that means or how to get around it for importing the photos for geotagging. There is also a Drag & Drop option in the work area asking for files that have no obvious relationship to the photos. This is where I am stuck.

Hi @intrepiddronesolutio,

At the first sight, it looks to me that the RINEX file from the rover may lack time marks in it. Still, I can’t be sure until I’ll look into the files, so please share both base and rover data with us so that we can examine them.

How do you connect your M2 to a camera? Do you use our hot shoe adapter?

Tatiana, Can you provide me with an email address to send the files to? If you want to email me, it is intrepiddronesolutions@gmail.com . Thank you, Bruce Lindsey

Hi Bruce,

You can just drop them to support@emlid.com and we’ll take care of the files :slightly_smiling_face:

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I sent the files via WeTransfer.


Hi there,

I just thought to post an update in this thread. We’ve checked the data with Bruce. It was processed well and provided us with precise coordinates of GCPs. So now it can be used for further processing in photogrammetric software.

As for geotagging, the Reach M2 wasn’t connected to the camera to record time marks. Without them, Emlid Studio can’t geotag the photos. However, using GCPs is also a reliable way to get a several-centimeter-accurate model. So it should still be fine.