Emlid studio - ppk

Good morning friends.
I have been using the Emlid Studio to post process my base.
I am understanding the PPK in static mode that allow you to correct your base with the cors data, but I dont understand the ppk in kinematic mode, cause you try to correct the rover with your own base with unknown coordinates!!!

Really, I would appreciate if someone explain it.


When you do PPK processing on your RS Base against the CORS log file, you now have the PPK coordinates of the Base.

Now you are ready to do PPK processing on your Rover. You will use the RS Base as the Reference and the coordinates will be the results of the first PPK processing that was done on the RS Base.

So by processing the Base first, then after that is complete you will process the Rover. Now both are accurate within a certain error.

This video may help.


Great, thanks for your help!!!

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