Emlid Studio .pos file headers

Quick Question , I would like a bit of clarification on what the titles of the last few columns represent in the .pos file in Emlid Studio.

sdn, sde, sdu, sdne, sdeu, sdun, age, ratio

I believe I know what some of them are but rather than guess I thought to ask here.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Robin,

The sdn, sde or sdu means N (north), E (east), or U (up) component of the standard deviations in meters.

The sdne, sdeu, and sdun are square roots of the absolute value of the NE, EU, or UN component of the estimated covariance matrix.

Age means the age of differential - the time difference between the observation data epochs of the rover and the base in seconds.

Ratio means the ratio factor of ʺratio‐testʺ for standard integer ambiguity validation strategy.

All these parameters may help you to estimate the solution’s quality.


Thank you very much for your prompt response.

You’re welcome :blush:

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