EMLID Studio or RTK LIB for further processing with Geosetter?

Hi there,
I noticed that the Geosetter program only works with KML or GPX files.
However, EMLID Studio cannot generate / convert these files.
Is that only possible with RTK LIB, with the RTKPost KML / GPX conversion function?

Thanks for your answers!

What further processing are you looking todo?

I must write geo data from photogrammetry missions in the photo exif data.
And geosetter is the only free software i know for this purpose.

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Try this


thank you, i know this guide, my question was if i can use a simpler or alternative method, like EMLID studio and if exists other programs like geosetter.

Hi Fred,

Generally speaking, yes, you’re right. Processing results from Emlid Studio are in the POS format, which belongs to RTKLib. So at the moment, you can convert it to GPX/KML with the RTKPost only.

However, why don’t you try the Geotagging feature in Emlid Studio? All you need is _events.pos file and folder with photos. So the conversion to GPX is simply not needed.


thank you very much! These are good news, i will try this!
Best wishes!

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