Emlid Studio only returning Float

Post Processing Jobs only returning Float solutions from Fixed solutions in the field.

1.Emlid studio 1.7
2. Example attached - but happening for multiple jobs. Bender_raw_202310111412_RINEX_3_03 - Google Drive
3. Multiple jobs in post processing only return Float Solutions

Fix and Float aren’t universal terms, they mean different things depending on the company. Emlid seems to use it to mean “how accurate the software thinks the coordinates are”.

You can try setting combined forward/backward and also hold & fix if collecting points

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Hi @tcmesserschmidt,

I checked your log. You appear to have recorded it at a low frequency. Could you set your rover’s update rate to 5 Hz and its logging interval to Full rate? You can see how to do it in this guide. After that, please try another test to see how it goes.

Can you please clarify. Emlid Studio seems to be the problem. It is only providing corrections to 14 of the 48 data points (which it labels float). All the rest of the data points, it will not correct. It labels these Fixed. In the corrected file. I was able to take all fixed points out in the field. And the pre-corrected job file has Latitude and longitude and elevation for each point.

Can you post a screenshot of the result? I’ve noticed often there’s a tight cluster that gets classified as float, and outliers classified as fix.

I’d doubled @daygeckoart’s request. Could you please attach a screenshot of the result? It’d help us to see the whole picture.

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